About ASG - Akan Sukses Group,
We Are Awesome Agency.

Is a very pro-active and energetic team which consists of a group of fun and young entrepreneurs which wanted to be the new era most successful and sought-after financial advisory group in Malaysia. Our Mission is to make sure each of our members here are getting succesful in their lives at the easiest and the fastest way, and to provide a Value-Added and the Utmost Services to our clients. Now we are aggressively expanding our team, via AiA Elite Academy(AEA), a proven duplicable and very effective system which build successful business entrepreneurs within 3 years. We want to groom our new partners to be a leader and grow together. So let us work hand-in-hand to create the successful business empire, to form an incredible group, and to achieve holistic success together in our lives and contribute back to the society.

Our Vision

To be the new era most successful and sought-after financial advisory group in Malaysia

Our Mission

For Clients - provide the value-added and professional services to our clients

For Partners - provide a successful business model for our partners to succeed easily

Core Values
“Your Success Our Priority”

  1. Ambitious & Agressive
  2. Bold & Breakthrough
  3. Committed & Confidence
  4. Discipline & Different
  5. Energetic & Extrovert
  6. Fun & Focus
  7. Goal-Oriented & Gamesome
  8. Humble & Hardworking
  9. Innovative & Integrity
  10. Joyful & Just-Do-It

Determines Altitude
Creates Reality
Changes Things

Who with Big Dream

Who with Drive and Purpose

Who with Energetic & Vibrant Personality

Who with Willingness to Learn

Who wants The Best for themselves and for others

Video Gallery
Short videos on the latest Health & Finance topics.
AIA Elite Academy 2020
How AIA Vitality Works
AIA PUBLIC Takaful - Cubaan dan Rezeki Tiada Hentinya
Join Us
  • It is a challenging yet utmost rewarding career
  • It is a meaningful career as you get to help others to attain peace of mind in financial planning as well as achieving your life goals
  • You can be your own boss and a successful entrepreneur
  1. Pro-Active and Hardworking
  2. Dynamic and Vibrant Personality
  3. Fun and Cheerful Characters
  4. Winning and Positive Attitude
  1. Degree
  2. 25-45 years old
  3. Monthly Allowances : RM9000 & Commission
  1. Diploma
  2. 25-35 years old
  3. Monthly Bonus : RM3000 & Commission
  1. Commissions, Allowances, Bonus
  2. Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly Incentives
  3. Overseas Trips
  4. Awards and Recognitions
  5. Structured World-Class Training
  6. Coaching and Mentoring
  7. Personal Developments
  8. Career Advancements
  9. More Time and Freedoms
  10. High Technology Apps and Tools Training
  11. Full Supports from Multi-International Company
  12. Additional Benefits - Double Millionaire Special Incentives
    - RM1,000,000 cash bonus will be given out upon achieving 1 time COT + 5 times MDRT within the first 10 years.
    - Additional RM1,000,000 when you are promoted to District Manager (DM) and spin-off another DM within 10 years.
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